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Educational Farm Tours - Nourishment for a Hungry Brain

educational farm tours marylandBuppert’s Farm-based education program opens its doors to children of all ages to come experience some of the intricacies of the world from which their food comes. The programs we offer are highly flexible and can be altered to meet specific curriculum needs for younger or older students. We are also able to focus more heavily on topics being discussed in the classroom if requested. For more information regarding our programs, please read the descriptions below and call 410-795-6815 to book your field trip.

Farm Visit:

The Farm Visit program is designed for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades and is a combination of farm exploration, interactive discussion, and hands-on/sensory based discovery. It is a walking tour that is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of interconnectivity of the rhythms of the Earth and habits of farming that bring food to their table.

Each particular experience will depend upon the season and the weather impacting the day. The farm visit may include an exploration of the compost pile; a trip through the greenhouse; delving into the delicate and intricate lives of our honey bees; field and meadow exploration; planting, harvesting, or weeding; and tastings along the way.

Cycle of Life:

This program is designed for preschool - 2nd grade and is tailored appropriately for the specific age group coming. During the Cycle of Life tour, students will explore pumpkin from seed to decomposition. A trek to the pumpkin field is taken via hay wagon or on foot, depending on the teacher’s preference and the children can choose a pumpkin to take home. Upon the students’ return from the pumpkin field, the program can be divided into three activities: Cycle-of-Life interactive discussion, petting and feeding our very friendly goats, and a trip through the corn maze.

educational farm tours marylandA few very important points about our programs:

* Allergies: We engage the children in tasting and touching of many foods directly in the field. Please be aware of all allergies or diet restrictions your children may have, make us aware ahead of time with a written list, bring any related medications, and alert us again when you arrive.

* Regarding alterations to programming: Classroom teachers must be in close
communication at least three weeks ahead of their class’s farm visit day regarding alterations to programming in order for changes to be implemented effectively.

* Water and sun protection: Please have your children bring water bottles (refillable is great - they can fill them on the farm) and wear sunscreen and/or a hat. It is often very sunny and we move around the farm quite a bit during the visit. Children often get hot while we are in the field which can dampen their ability to pay attention and their desire to continue on - especially if your children are not accustomed to being outside very much. Being able to drink water while in the fields can revitalize a tired body.

* Dress for the weather: Our program typically is rain or shine. We will cancel in the event of lightening or very cold rain. Therefore, students must be dressed for the weather. If it is raining this requires: rain coat (or a plastic bag poncho) and rain boots (or plastic grocery bags in shoes).



maryland farm field trip
maryland farm field trip


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